To Our Guests,

  • Additional 10% reduction will be granted on Bead & Breakfast rates for last minute group reservation made "1 month ahead" of arrival.

  • One Tax free charge will be granted for 20 guests paying in full as well as a guide with 50% reduction on driver fees upon availability of space.

  • A Full bus load group of 51 guests will receive 3 tax free charges.
  • Reductions shouldn’t exceed 7.5% of the total amount of the invoice except for last minute bookings.

  • Payments must be made in US$ one month after departure or upon receipt of invoices.
  • Final room lists must be provided one month ahead of arrival otherwise rooms reservation will be cancelled.

  • Groups that are staying for "One night", even if confirmed, can be subject to transfer to other hotels in case of overbooking.The guest house is obliged to send a "turn away" note 3 months ahead of arrival in this case.

  • Unless the guest house is informed 3 months ahead of arrival, groups that reduce their room reservations by at least 40% or change the originally confirmed period of stay, can be subject to turn away in case space is needed for bigger/longer stay groups.

  • Confirmation of group requests will begin 9 months ahead of arrival. The guest house will not issue final confirmations for requests received earlier , unless certain guarantees are provided, or if the clients had previously stayed at St.Vincent Guest House on regular basis and have the status of a "regular client".

  • Requests made for the same group by more than one travel agent , will be kept automatically on the waiting list and will not be issued confirmation unless the dates and the number of rooms requested are the same.

  • Rates and Conditions will not be effective unless a signed copy with an official seal of a tour agent are received.

We look forward to a wonderfull stay with Us!

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