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Price List at St. Vincent Guest House - Bethlehem
Group Rates (16 guests and over)
Bed & Breakfast$26Per person / Per day
Half Board$33Per person / Per day
Full Board$42Per person / Per day
Extra Lunch$12Per person / Per day
Single Supplement$18Per person / Per day
Service Charge5%
Reduction for Triple and Quadruple5%
One free charge is granted for 20 guests paying
in full (sharing double rooms)

Rates for individuals on Bed and Breakfast Basis
ServicePrice for one
night stay
Price for two or
more nights stay
Single Occupancy $55$50Per day
Double Occupancy$85$80Per day
Triple Occupancy$105$100Per person
Extra Meal$12$12Per person / Per day
Service Charge5%0%
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